The probation benefit must apply, provided that it has been terminated, at least one of the following terms:

The third part of the sanction imposed, in the case of sanctions that have not arrived at 20 years of age at the beginning of the sanction.

Half of the term of the sanction imposed, in the case of primary sanctions.

Two thirds of the sanction imposed in the case of repeat or multi-recidivist sanctions.

The aforementioned benefit is requested before the Incident Chamber of the Popular Provincial Court of the place where the sanctioned person complies with the sanction.

It is required for this, to have maintained good behavior during the time of his imprisonment.

The Review Procedure is the only one that makes it possible to examine the final sentences handed down by the courts. Depending on the subject matter, certain assumptions are established so that it can proceed.

We suggest, given the established requirements so that he can proceed, consult a lawyer in any Collective Law Firm of the Country, who can guide you on the possibilities that may be interested in your case.

The sentences and other resolutions issued by the courts, can only be modified by the judges and courtrooms or courts that know the matter, because they have used the means of challenge established in the law.

In general, the ones with the highest repetition turn out to be the appeal that proceeds against the sentences handed down in the different matters by the municipal courts, and the appeal that proceeds against the sentences handed down by the provincial courts.

Depending on the subject and the type of appeal, deadlines are established, which expired without making use of them, the appeal is inadmissible.

In some cases, a legal address is required for filing.

In the People's Supreme Court and in all the Provincial People's Court of the country, there are offices of attention to the population where skilled specialists work, every working day, in charge of processing, and offering answers to the complaints, approaches and requests of the population.

You can also use the email poblacion@tsp.gob.cu and you will receive the corresponding response in this same way.