National Documentation Center (CENDIJ)

This center began its services in May 2001, from the Agreement No. 60 of the Governing Council of the People's Supreme Court, it is part of the Directorate of Training and Development of this justice body.
Count on the necessary technical equipment and specialists who have developed various informative products that allow providing, in addition to general services, other value-added services, such as Selective Information Dissemination and specialized topics.

The CENDIJ library, with extensive and valuable funds, serves judges and specialists of the Court System, jurists of other institutions and population in general, including:

- Reading room services

- Internal and external loans

- References

- Access stations to remote sources of information

- Preparation and delivery of copies of information in digital carriers

- Selective Dissemination of Information (DSI)

- Preparation and sending of news and specialized comments

- In addition, it offers the tool to search for information on the Internet

Contact information

Name: Nelsy Gomero Morejón

Position: Head of Independent Department CENDIJ

Address: Independencia Avenue, e / Lombillo and Tulipán, Revolution Square, Havana, Cuba


Telephone: 78812124