President of the Supreme Court of Russia receives Cuban judges


President of the Supreme Court of Russia receives Cuban judges

September 10th, 2018


The delegation of Cuban judges attending a course of improvement at the Russian State University of Justice was received on Friday in Moscow by the President of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, Viacheslav Lebedev.
The Russian leader welcomed the group of 12 magistrates of the Island, who participate in this exchange between the Supreme People's Court of Cuba and their counterpart from the Eurasian nation, and wished them success in this second edition of the course.
On behalf of the Antillean delegation, Dr. Rufina Hernández Rodríguez, director of the Supreme People's Court, conveyed a fraternal greeting from the president of that body, Rubén Remigio Ferro, while updating Lebedev on the broad and democratic process of consultation on the new draft Constitution of the Republic, which will be submitted to a popular referendum on February 24, 2019.
For his part, the ambassador of Cuba in Russia, Gerardo Peñalver Portal, highlighted the excellent links and the growing cooperation between the highest judicial bodies of both countries.

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