The professional and lay judges of the Cuban Supreme People's Court are elected by the National Assembly of People's Power. In the case of professional judges, the proposed candidacy is previously approved by the Governing Council of the said court, and its election is without subjection to any term of office.
In relation to the lay judges, the proposal of candidacy corresponds to a commission, that presides over the Central of Workers of Cuba and integrates, besides, the rest of the organizations of masses and social of the country; His election is for a period of term of 5 years, and his re-election carries the same procedure.
The exercise of the judicial function by the judges of the Supreme People's Court is preceded by the taking of possession of their positions before the Governing Council of said court.

Judges lay. Requirements

The requirements to be elected as a lay judge of the Cuban Superior Court of Justice are: to maintain a good attitude towards the work or activities of social interest that he / she performs, possess an adequate educational level and good moral conditions, enjoy a good public opinion and have reached 30 year old.

Professional judges. Requirements

To be elected professional judge of the Supreme People's Court is required to be qualified for the exercise of the right by title issued or revalidated by a university or official institution authorized, be a Cuban citizen, enjoy a good public opinion, have good moral conditions, have at least 10 Years of exercise as a jurist and have won the exercise of competition or competition of merit that for this purpose has called the Governing Council of the People's Supreme Court